Risk Management

“Risk Management is a more realistic term than safety. It implies that hazards are ever-present, that they must be identified, analyzed, evaluated and controlled or rationally accepted.” – Jerome F. Leaderer

Risk Management Services

No project is free of Risks. They exist in all phases of the project lifecycle although magnitude may vary from project to project.

Shimuk provides assistance in identifying & evaluating Risks and planning for managing them.

Shimuk works with stakeholders to plan and decide various actions to be taken and enhance the probability of successful delivery of the project.

Services Rendered

Our Risk Management services include:

  • Develop Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Risk Analysis
  • Develop Risk Response Strategy
  • Assist in implementing Risk Management Plan
  • Regularly Monitor and Manage Risks
  • Provide staff for risk management
  • Train client personnel in various risk aspects

Shimuk Advantages:

  • Working since 1999.
  • Vast National and International experience.
  • Highly Researched methodologies for project management
  • Timely delivery of Services
  • Utmost Stakeholders and customers satisfaction
  • Cultural Understanding of Multinational and local companies
  • Systematic and result oriented approach