Resource management

“The Resource allocation task of top management has received too much attention when compared to the task of resource leveraging.” – C.K. Prahalad

Resource Management Services

A Resource Management necessitates how the resources (man, machine and materials) required for performing project activities will be estimated, acquired, developed and managed.

Shimuk has the expertise and knowledge to perform all the related activities and optimize their allocation for best results through excellent team, approach and techniques.

Services Rendered

Our Resource Management services include:

  • Estimate Resources
  • Planning and Forecasting requirements
  • Develop RBS – Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Resource allocation
  • Monthly / periodically updating resource status
  • Reporting Resource Status
  • Assisting in obtaining resources and respective agreements.

Shimuk Advantages:

  • Working since 1999.
  • Vast National and International experience.
  • Highly Researched methodologies for project management
  • Timely delivery of Services
  • Utmost Stakeholders and customers satisfaction
  • Cultural Understanding of Multinational and local companies
  • Systematic and result oriented approach