Intro PM


Project Management has been at the heart of success of a large number of projects in past several decades. However it is not being properly practiced due to which project success remains at jeopardy. Every now and then it has become common to hear that project has been delayed by ‘so many’ months (even years at times) or it needs additional ‘so much’ money to complete!

All this can be avoided or reduced by adopting project management practices for our projects.

Now a days more and more companies are embracing project management practices and need more and more trained personnel in this application area.

Present course introduces project management to non-project personnel and to those who want to expand their awareness about the contemporary approaches to project success.

What are the benefits?
  • Understand the approaches for managing projects to success
  • Learn about basics of project management
  • Understand basic terminologies of project management
  • Take away the participation certification
  • Value-add to your CV / profile by displaying your basic knowledge of project management being widely used in industry.
  • Anyone who is understanding projects and interested in learning about Project Management.
The course will broadly cover:
  • What is a project? What is Project Management
  • Introduction to project lifecycle.
  • Project process groups.
  • Project knowledge areas and various processes.
  • Application of Project Management in projects.
  • 8 Hours

Mode of Delivery
  • Instructor led classroom training

There are no prerequisites for taking up this training course. However, willingness to learn and a project mind set will help understanding the concepts better.