Cost Management

“The cost of preventing mistakes is generally much less than the cost of correcting them.” – PMBoK® Guide

Cost Management Services

Appropriate Cost Management of a project is a major requirement for the project to be considered as successful.

Shimuk has the knowledge and experience to design and manage this aspect of Project Management safeguarding the customer requirements and optimum value of budget.

Project Budget, Cash Flow, Cost Monitoring and Controlling throughout the project lifecycle helps in successful meeting of project objectives.

Services Rendered

Our Cost Management services include:

  • Estimate Budget for the defined scope of work.
  • Develop cash-flow as per project schedule.
  • Review budget and cash flow of vendors
  • Monitoring and updating of cash flow periodically
  • Prepare cost reports
  • Analyse and forecasting of project cost status.
  • Quantity Surveying at all stages of project.
  • Estimation and measurement of project progress.
  • Preparation of RA and Final Bills
  • Evaluation of Contractor’s RA & Final bills
  • Provide staff for cost management
  • Train client personnel in various cost management aspects.

Shimuk Advantages:

  • Working since 1999.
  • Vast National and International experience.
  • Highly Researched methodologies for project management
  • Timely delivery of Services
  • Utmost Stakeholders and customers satisfaction
  • Cultural Understanding of Multinational and local companies
  • Systematic and result oriented approach