Contract Management

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” – Joy Gumz

Contract Management Services

Contract is the binding force for whole of the project. It may be internal or external.

Shimuk helps the clients at all stages of the project right from needs analysis, contract preparation, contract awards, contract management till contract closure.

Shimuk also assists in managing variations, claims, disputes, ADRs, arbitration etc.

Services Rendered

Our Contract Management services include:

  • Identify project contractual requirements
  • Develop value based interpretation of the general and special conditions.
  • Assist in contract preparation
  • Assist in contract award process
  • Manage the own / awarded contracts
  • Manage variations and claims
  • Development and pursuing for Time Extensions
  • Manage disputes, ADRs and Arbitrations if necessary
  • Assist in contractual communication and documentation
  • Assist in preparation of claims; process of disputes, ADRs; and Arbitration if need be.
  • Provide staff for contract management
  • Train client personnel in various contract aspects.

Shimuk Advantages:

  • Working since 1999.
  • Vast National and International experience.
  • Highly Researched methodologies for project management
  • Timely delivery of Services
  • Utmost Stakeholders and customers satisfaction
  • Cultural Understanding of Multinational and local companies
  • Systematic and result oriented approach